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What is that secret ingredient that gives your business that point of difference over your competitors and makes you their preferred choice every time?

SUCCESS TRAIN has in its suite of programs, behaviour skills training aimed at improving customer-supplier relationships.

The suite includes such skills as:

All of which will distinguishes your business from the sea of competitors.

In a highly competitive world of sales, that point of difference isn't always, " How much money can I pay upfront to secure this business?", or " What corporate alliances do I have to entice this customer to purchasing?"……it has to be different!!!!

Sales staff freebiesSales training programs don't  work because...

Training that neglects to include behaviour change elements are unlikely to succeed.

Off-the-shelf or poorly designed programmes that have not taken into consideration the specific business requirements or the attendees' needs will not attract the commitment for skills improvement. Insufficient time or practice opportunities and inadequate coaching will fail to deliver the culture changes required.

Without the support network enabling all the areas identified to come to fruition, up to 80 per cent of skills gained can be lost within three months.  

SUCCESS TRAIN sales training programs work because we...

Learning a new behaviour or habit takes more than attending a training session.

Becoming an expert in a new field won't happen by attending training alone. Attempting a new language, learning a musical instrument or how to play tennis or golf, wont be mastered unless the new skills are PRACTISED.

The SUCCESS TRAIN training programs will ensure that the sales training delivers the desired results by addressing the training needs, coupled with manager training and in field coaching.

10% Education   20% Exposure   70% Experience

A training program represents 10% of the participant's development. 20% of the learning is seeking out subject matter experts, reading and referring to reference materials. 70% is about utilising the new skills, experimenting and practicing.

By applying all of these principles, the newly acquired sales skills will result in profitable results, increased revenue, better margins and stronger customer relationships.

The training session represents 10% of the learning, to ensure there is quantifiable ROI, an emphasis on training the sales managers how to coach their sales team with the newly acquired sales skills will enable the 70% experience to manifest.

“Experience is the best teacher, but a fool will learn from no other.” Benjamin Franklin

Programs can be tailored to fit your business and could include:

  • 30 minutes to 5 days programs specifically tailored to your business.
  • Transforming sales managers to sales coaches
  • Core Business 2 Business behavioural skills
  • Win/Win negotiating strategy
  • In field coaching and assessing
  • Induction to trade practices
  • Profit and trade maths 
  • Handling difficult customers
  • The power of listening
  • Presentation planning process
  • Understanding the customers business 
  • Customer Profiles
  • Key Account Management


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