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Successful Store Management

The SUCCESS TRAIN Successful Store Management training program provides franchisees and store managers with the tools to train their own staff to grow their business. It is ideally suited to store managers that are required to train and manage staff to achieve the best results in their store.

Training is perceived as a luxury, something only big businesses can afford and the first area budgets are cut when business is quite. Well think again!!!!

The cost of training part time, casual and transient staff could equate to $$$$$$$$$$.

SUCCESS TRAIN is a boutique training provider focusing on training the business to train their own staff.

At the completion of the SUCCESS TRAIN Successful Store Management, the franchisee/store manager will have the ability to:

Good customer service needs to be part of any successful business policies and procedures and should involve the owner, franchisee, store manager and every staff member. Good customer service results in:

"Studies have shown that companies identified as being good service providers tended to have revenue growth at twice the rate of their poor service competitors."
(De Vrye 1994)


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