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Customer Service incorporating Suggestive Selling

Customer service, suggestive selling or upselling/upsizing have been utilised by successful businesses for many years.

The common elements of each of these concepts are that they create loyally in the customer and a long term commitment. Having a good product will bring the customer to the business, but good customer service will make them come back, and tell others of their experience. Efforts to encourage existing consumers to purchase more or to drive traffic into stores, can be wasted if the face to face contact, or customer service levels, are poor. Many new and existing consumers can be lost through poor personal contact and you may never know of this dissatisfaction. Good customer service extends well past the way the customer is served, but also includes:

SUCCESS TRAIN has designed a customer service program incorporating suggestive selling. Taking into consideration a small businesses concerns of training staff, the program as been designed to empowering them to train their own staff to grow the business. By training store managers and team leaders, rather than the front of house, or the customer service attendants.

The SUCCESS TRAIN initiative includes:

This initiative has been implemented across the hair and beauty industry, sports and fitness industry, large national wholesales businesses, international retail clothing business and is being reviewed by franchise consulting groups and a large international cinema group.

Suggestive Selling Would you Like Fries with That?

Articles written by Julie Vella as published in My Business magazine and Business Franchise magazine.
Suggestive Selling – best epitomised by the famous question 'Would you like fries with that?' – is a simple tactic that can improve your revenues and profitability. Julie explains how your business can start to suggest its way to bigger profits.

article The new phenomenom of how to have a successful business has just been discovered

"It has been shown that good service businesses have a greater ability to hold market share during a recession"
(Lyons 1994)


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